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Usually people of white race. Use lots of foul language, get skanky white teens pregnant, live in a trailer or RV of some sort, huge football and nascar fans, drink lots on bush light or some kind of McCormick liquor, beat their wives daily, have 10 kids running around. The trailer trash car of choice is usually a camaro or trans am with cut off exhausts, chrome engine dress-up kits and super wide tires(to keep em on the gravel).
" Woman Nascar is on, get me a dead gum bush light, or ill beat you like a dead opossum..."- trailer trash
by rj180sx December 21, 2009
A very popular muscle car, that is in high demand by white trash motherfuckers from the trailerpark that beat their wives daily because they demanded a bush light and the wives take too long or racist neighbor hoods. Most trans am drivers hate imports because they get very anus hurt when they get whooped by a 96 civic that has $20k less put into it.
" I just spent $30.000 on my WS6 Trans am, and i got whopped by a $10.000 96 Honda that gets 10 times better gas milage than me......Maybe my mullet is too heavy."
by rj180sx December 21, 2009
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