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The valuable insight that comes during the long drive home.
"Dude, I totally figured out our budget problem."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah -- I got some carspective driving home last night."
by rizz to the slizz July 05, 2005
When you're sitting at a table full of people (pref. boisterous and social) but you're between two conversations, and no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to get into either of them.

So you end up staring at your drink.


"Hey Rod, why so quiet?"

"Wha--? Oh sorry -- I'm stuck in the nonversation over here."
by rizz to the slizz December 01, 2005
More intense version of jury rig. A jury-rigged device will probably work, but be careful; a jimmy-rigged device will probably NOT, but oh well.
"The car broke down? Well... I'm not surprised. I kinda had it jimmy-rigged."
by rizz to the slizz April 25, 2005

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