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3 definitions by riseagainst4eva

the coolest asian kung fu muther f****** around. viva la nick. oh and he owns a** in halo 3.
everyone wishes that they were nick tran.
by riseagainst4eva January 10, 2009
a series of numbers that if punched into a calculator and the calculator is flipped upside down will display the phrase "go to hell" note this is extremely nerdy.
Devin-i secretly told my teacher to go to hell when i asked him if he knew what my calculator said after i typed in 1134209 and turned it upside down.

Jon- your a douchebag.
by riseagainst4eva December 31, 2008
a glock or pistol or handheld firearm of some variety used to fuck someone up really bad.
Gangster-Gimme the weed

PaperBOy- It'll cost ya.

Gangster-*pulls out gangster grip* what?

PaperBoy-umm. here take it.
by riseagainst4eva January 01, 2009