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When one takes a complex issue/idea and oversimplifies it to a point where they think they have a grasp of it. This oversimplified version is then used to make arguments to justify ones impressive knowledge to others about the subject usually leaving gaping holes that are obvious to anyone knowledgeable of the original complex issue/idea while occasionally "Wow"ing similarly logically challenged individuals.

These people are generally not complete idiots and can even have higher level degrees that they will use to back their arguments whenever possible. While some people have a natural inclination towards using tardlogic, it can be learned by others who see those using it move ahead or have them as a mentor on the subject.

The name comes from the persons retarded ability to comprehend even the simplest logic, especially if it proves them wrong. They will go to great strides to come up with any work out to make their original statement right, no matter how many logical fallacies they create in the process.

Similar to Elementary School Logic and usually employed in cases like that. And on some occasions it can degrade to full blown Insane troll logic

Does not apply to people who have physical or mental handicaps.
Dude 1: Have you seen Twitter, isn't all this new Social Media stuff really impressive. You should hire me as a consultant to help you capitalize on it.
Dude 2: No thanks, and it's not really. The net has done...

Dude 1: But don't you see how impressive the impact is that it's having. It spreads messages quicker than any medium in history, and it reconnects marketplaces. Admit it, as unoriginal as it is, it's still impressive.
Dude 2: Only if you don't care to understand how...
Dude 1: Don't go telling a business grad that he doesn't care. Alexander Graham Bell is probably happy his idea was so expounded and would be impressed.
Dude 2: Yes, a guy who died 80+ years ago would probably be impressed by it.
Dude 1: Well then we are on the same page and agree that it is impressive.
Dude 2: Wow you really busted out some serious tard logic to get to that conclusion.
Dude 1: Thanks. When would you like me to start?
by ripsup November 30, 2010

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Someone who uses a lot of buzzwords to make them self sound like a leader in a field when really they have little or nothing to actually do with anything they talk about. Consultants and Marketers usually fall into this field but sometimes there are people who should know better who become this as well.
Marketing Consultant : Twitter is the world's largest bridging social-capital group in the recorded history of our species making it an evolutionary game changer. We can help synergize your existing innovations with thought leaders around the globe through our cloud based SaaS application that will guarantee a significant increase in your revenue.

Potential Customer : Wow, if I knew you were such a buzztard I would have locked the door before you arrived.
by ripsup December 21, 2010

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