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A very attractive young woman with a very playfull personality, who's body type is slender with perfect curves. When held Littleone fits perfectly in your arms and under your chin like matching puzzle pieces. Littleone also has a voice so sweet that it is near impossible not to be aroused sexually when heard. To be referred to as Littleone she must also have a shining smile that can brighten a whole room instantly. Littleones also have a distain for vulgar men, the term 'ointment', and of course bananas.
Him - "Hey, come over here and gimme a hug"
Her - "I'm super busy right now!"
Him - "Oh, c'mon, Littleone. It'll only take a sec."
by rippledtwine February 21, 2011
5'10", blonde, green eyes, wicked smile super cute real hot always happy one of the guys girl. A chick who has mostly guys for friends cuz she can't handle all the bullshit girls do. Likes beer and Brett Favre. Makes bitches laugh and assholes cry. Sings karaoke to shitty 80's tunes cuz she likes to sing and likes shitty 80' music.
Charlie -"That Brittany is pretty hot. Do you know her?"
Jimmy -"Yeah. She's pretty cool too. But look out, she's a banana."
Charlie -"Good. I could go for a banana split right about now."
by rippledtwine January 28, 2011

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