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poor white trash
yo dat boy is PWT
by Ripper June 22, 2003
Very manly, stand up individual. Above average in most every way. Believes in courage like men of the past, not the cowardly "gang mentality" wimps of today. Stands up for what is right when others are shrinking into the woodwork.
That guy saved some kid from getting curbed by that group of losers, he is a real longhe.
by Ripper September 03, 2005
back the fuck up
Yo bitch bacdafucup aight step back
by Ripper June 24, 2003
chinese wanksta or chinese wannbe gangsta
Yo dat bitch in China Town is a chanksta
by Ripper June 21, 2003
I want to be a hat check clerk at an ice rink!
Meega na la kweesta!
by Ripper August 25, 2003
Brooklyn New York
Brooklyn NYC
by Ripper June 21, 2003
Dick Suckin

Doggy Style
by Ripper September 08, 2003

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