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British idiom for one who has been totally bamboozled or taken advantage of by another.
Friend A: You just bought a gold watch from the street vendor for 100 quid?

Friend B: Yeah, mate, nice watch, isn't it?

Friend A: Eh, boy, you've been done up like a kipper!
by ripeness November 09, 2012
A term of endearment for a friend, acquaintance. Usually used in a sarcastic manner, but not necessarily a pejorative.
Hey ya bizzo, I've been waiting all day for ya.

What's up bizzo, ready to hit the pubs?
by ripeness January 05, 2012
A term of unknown origin to describe 7 grams of an illicit drug.
"Damn bro, I just scored a Cuban of coke for our kick-ass party tonight!"
by ripeness June 30, 2013

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