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Slang: Twat+Wanker+Asshole=Twankhole
Someone who doesn't use common sense. A person lacking morals and respect for others. A person who has no concept of action and reaction. Someone who takes no accountability for their actions. A bully! One who chooses be a piece of crap. A selfish person who loves to hurt others. A person who is much bigger of an asshole! Past tense proper noun describing the inside and previously unknown part of a Twinkie. LOL

Kudos to Julie Roof for teaching me this word!!
I can't believe that twankhole didn't pay attention to the traffic more than he did his cell phone.

That twankhole has no common sense when it comes to driving, talking and walking!
by Rinne February 11, 2013
1. One who is a wizard with cunts.
2. Someone who engages frequently is sexual intercourse.
3. A really big twat.
1."He has, like, six girlfriends!" "I know, Jimmy is quite a cunt-wizard."
2. "That whore Linda is such a cunt-wizard."
by rinne August 22, 2006
1. An all-women indie rock band that has been together since 1993. Members are Kerri Kenney-Silver (bassist and vocals), Jody Seifert (drummer), and Nina Hellman (guitarist and backing vocals). They kick ass.
2. An expression used to describe something that is beyond coolness.
1. Have you heard of the band Cake Like? They kick ass.
2. That false mustache of yours is fucking cake like, dude.
by rinne August 22, 2006

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