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so far from what i've read(from interviews, feature articles, etc.)

BEATLE FANS: marilyn manson; linkin park; coldplay; u2; radiohead; strokes; franz ferdinand; blink-182; kanye west; garbage (shirley manson: "they're like a collision of the stars"); white stripes; james blunt; robbie wiliams; oasis; jet; keane; carrie underwood; pearl jam; lemmy kilminster of motorhead; ozzy osbourne; robert plant; green day; simple plan; nirvana; offspring; ac/dc; judas priest; the clash; soundgarden; buzzcocks; the jam; chrissie hynde of the pretenders; sting; elvis costello;
andre 3000 of outkast;

BEATLE HATERS: metallica (kirk hammett: "i hated those candy assed girls"; though james hetfield named "yesterday" as one of his all-time fave songs); television; sex pistols; michael stipe of r.e.m. - "they're elevator music to me"; mike mills and peter buck are beatle fans); john mayer;
lennon: "the beatles? we're just a band that made it big..."
by ringoesq May 31, 2006

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