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a man who is considered gay but is in prison usually he is extremely large and rapes the other male cell mates but is straight once he gets out
cellmate: run here come the butt hunter squad
gaurd:sweet jesus have mercy on there butts
by rindaja May 29, 2009
something a hyper active idiot says alot when they are bored out of there god frsaken mind is usual said after you know what or to get someone to stfu
taylor"i'm awesome"
jada"ya know what ya know what ya know what killer doughnut man"
by rindaja May 26, 2009
a hyper active idiot that is everywhere at once. is one of the best people u can have at a party and can always make you laugh
bill: u see that girl at the party hilarious

mike:yea she must have been a korema
by rindaja May 27, 2009
nylsc or national young leaders state conference isa four day program for kids who have shown leadership skills throughout their school years and who have a b+ average. though it is a very helpful program the tuition is sometimes extremly high.
the program invatations is sent usually in the middle of may and there is a diffrence conference for each state. tuition varies for nylsc
by rindaja May 23, 2009
a word that was used during slavery to mean an ignorant person but is now considered a racist term towards all african american people when truthfully it could be used against any ignorant person since the slaves were ignorant because they could not read nor write but still even though thats what it really means it is usually taken out of contex. oh nd ignorant means not knowing something or understanding like for me im ignorant when it comes to spelling certain words in this definition
white guy1:gosh leave him be hes just a nigger
black man1:hey why you being racist you cracker
black women:ummm dude nigger means ignorant person...dumbass
by rindaja May 29, 2009

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