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The act of shooting ejaculate into a girl's eye and simultaneously kicking her in the shin, causing her to hop about on one leg saying arrr or another expression of pain
"I gave her a one eyed pirate"
by rimmer January 21, 2003
a breakfast sandwich usually consisting of sausage, egg (at least what the government tells us is egg) and cheese on a bagle or english muffin
oh snap! today is grundle day! I'm getting breakfast
by Rimmer April 07, 2005
a slang word devised from the words cooch and junk that is used to refer to the female genitalia. First used by T. Jenkin
"She has a dirty crounk"
by rimmer January 21, 2003
A deregatory term used to imply a lack of genital size in the pants.

syn. Pencil dick
You have a real needle.
by rimmer January 21, 2003
The exquisite act of licking the soft, wrinkled asshole of a beautiful woman.
She sucked my cock as I gave her a rim job. As I licked her asshole she squirmed.
by Rimmer October 17, 2003

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