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Having both a perm, and a mullet haircut.

A Kentucky waterfall, Mississippi mudflap, hall & oates up front/ billy ray out back, old school Geraldo Rivera, the dragon slayer, the Hasselfoff, the redneck rollback, the 30-10-60 (30% up top, 10% on the sides, 60% out back), the morgantown miner, the business/casual, the whale tail, the carnie,

A haircut designed to pull tail. The most magnetic haircut on Earth, not one female can resist the permullet, its MINT!
Barber: "how would you like your haircut Casey?"

Casey: "you've seen the show DOG the Bounty Hunter, right?"

Barber: "Yes"

Casey: "I want to look as mint as he does, he's my idol with that permullet"

Barber: "he's a tool"
by rileyriley April 28, 2010
When you are on the verge of taking possibly the most disgustingly smelly, nastiest, painful, room clearing, eye watering, breath shortening, leg falling asleep shit ever...period.

Usually performed at the most inopportune time imaginable:
1) The company picnic where toilet paper is not accessable.
2)Your new girlfriends parents house when meeting them for the first time.
3)While driving the hottest chick home from the bar.
4)At a funeral.
5)At a wedding
6)In church
7)At a sorority house while in the midst of strip poker
8)Before or during a threesome with twins.
9)When cuffed in a police car, or in jail.
10)While attending a sporting event with "open stall" bathrooms.
11)at any store or restaurant without locks on the single throne bathroom.
12)At your inlaws.
A shat mcnasty is the shat of all shats, the dump of all dumps, the king of all craps, the morning after eating at any mexican taco stand.
Dude: "what happened last night after I had to leave?"

Dude 2: "the Olsen twins lost their hand in strip poker and got naked looking for you....where did you go?"

Dude: "after eating all that mexican food and drinking that pisswater they call beer, I went to the ihop and took a shat mcnasty. I blew it out in there and cleared the place, I think they called the fire department."

Dude 2: "did you go home and shower after that?"

Dude: "I had to"
by rileyriley April 29, 2010
Similar to the rusty trombone, only performed when masturbating. You insert your own thumb into your rectum (left or right hand, your choice), bend your wanker down between your legs and crank your pecker between the four remaining fingers of the same hand and your palm. The beauty of this is that you have a free hand to eat a sandwich or work the TV remote.
Steve: "When I get Lisa good and tanked, she'll like my anus like there's no tomorrow, then she'll leave my house and go lick Tony's ass. She love's ass"

Ramone: "She's a whore, she didn't come over last night for her usual drunken booty-call so I had to give myself a rusty thumbone. I hear she was licking Matt's ass"
by rileyriley February 15, 2011
The act of drinking coffee and texting while driving.
sandy was so busy starbuxting on her way to work this morning, she told me she doesn't remember the drive to work.
by rileyriley February 17, 2010
when you involuntarily get stuck being around a douchebag and somehow his douchiness wears off on you and you say or do something douchey yourself. He has cast his voodouche spell on you.
Andrew- "The other day Mike brought Dobson with him to the range"

Jeff- " that Dobson guy is such a douchbag, he's a tool"

Andrew- "I know, I got stuck listening to how great he is for over an hour. When I got home I was telling Barry how great I did at the range. That douchebag cast his voodouche spell on me."

Jeff- "you're fucked, douchebag. You are now a tool like Dobson is"
by rileyriley June 03, 2010
The act of a woman performing fellatio on a man's penis. It is meant to induce orgasm or ejaculation of semen from the man's genitals. It can also be a form of foreplay prior to vaginal or anal intercourse.

Other terms include, giving head, sucking cock, blowjob, going down, deep throating, tonsil tango, skull fucking, spit and swallow, etc.
Drew- "Matt is going to get a homski from Sarah tonight if he is lucky'

Kevin- "No way, I thought they were just sexting each other?"

Drew- "I am pretty sure he is going to at least get a homski off of her"
by rileyriley May 07, 2010

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