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a term which makes "global warming" indisputable because if it cools in some places and heats in others, or gets dryer in one place and wetter in another (supposedly), then IT MUST BE BECAUSE OF HUMAN CO2 EMMISIONS. treated as fact by magazines like national geographic, who have published multiple issues predicting what will become of all these endangered species and blaming depopulation of some on climate change... completely false. it is also a political tool used by the left, who have the backing of leftist scientists, which makes them sound like they know what there talking about when in truth there just as big of douchebags as the bill o reilly rightwingers. it is undebatable because of course the weather isnt the same all the time. it was only back in the 70s that some of these same douchebags were crying about the next ice age, which devalidates the claim that the global climate has warmed over the past 100 years because only 30 years ago they were sayin it was getting much colder and the next ice age was here.
bill: hey do you believe in climate change?
bob: shit no, thats a whole bunch of bull shit manufactured by the left.
bill: better than the right's family values and shit.
bob: just as gay though.
bill: we should become libertarians.
bob: ive already become one. i dont have to be a hypocrite and have my fears inhibit mine and others rights. just because im afraid of guns or communists doesnt make it right for me to ban those things/people.
bill: damn, your so right.
by rilesworth July 24, 2006

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