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2 definitions by rileson

An excrement of epic proportions. Often performed in times of serious need to get out of something. The word comes from the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh, where an ordinary man sought after immortality. However, a Gilgashit is not about immortality or man's internal struggle, but about the nature of bowel movement and the courage it takes to leave such a mark on society.
Kid A - "Dude you were gone for two whole periods--where the hell were you?"
Kid B - "Completing the epic, man. Gilgashit."
Kid A - "Brock-lock."
by Rileson July 22, 2006
The process of watching Windows Media Player visualization full-screen with all the lights off while high. Depends on the type of weed you have, but extensive research shows this will take you places Microsoft has never taken you before.
Kid A - "Hey man, what's up with the dark room and blaring music? Smells like an Indian restaurant in here! Are you digitrippin' again?"

Kid B (staring at monitor) - "SHOW ME THE FUTURE!!"
by rileson July 27, 2006