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The internet equivalent to that weird kid in the corner who nobody really notices until he kills his entire class.
Man have you seen the filmcow forums lately? They're a mess.
by rikmaksen November 03, 2007
obtaining peace with your hair by letting it grow out without cutting it. started by john lennon
Man Harry sure is hairy he must have obtained hair peace a year ago!
by rikmaksen November 03, 2007
The sexual attraction to the flaming corpses of animals.
See that dude over there, Bob? He looks like a normal guy, but he has pyronecrozoophilia.
by rikmaksen March 16, 2009
A multi-billion net worth Hollywood film company that has produced such films as Titanic and The Shawshank Redemption.
Man I would love to even be the guy who brings that Jeremy Medina guy cookies in Jeremedia because they're so damn rich
by rikmaksen November 03, 2007
fucking awesome
RUSH was ok...

if your definition of ok is fucking awesome!!!!
by rikmaksen August 05, 2007
when your boobs are bright red through a heat-sensitive camera.
Wow, she's got fire boobs!
by rikmaksen November 03, 2007

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