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a madi is usually a girl (maybe a boy) who you do not want to get on your bad side. madis usually are munipulative bitches and snakey friends. she will try to outsmart you in all ways possible with out looking mean. madis usually are in it only for them selves and they flaunt when something good has happened and rub it in your face. your peers will not see whats happening because madis usually try to make it seem like youre the bad guy. and they deny even the nicest guys flat out.
john: "hey man, madi was being such a bitch today"
steven: "dude she is so nice to me!!"
john: "you wouldnt understand"
next day:
steven: " DUDE! madis a bitch!! i hungout with her yesterday and she totally recked it!"
john: "what did i tell you? shes such a whore..."
steven: "yeahh she needs to get a life."

john: " shes a backstabbing ho. nobody likes her. and nobody will."
steven: "spoken like a true brother, man"
by rikki__ tikki __tavi BEASTTT(; April 01, 2010
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