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Yellow is another word for "hello".
"Yellow, how are you?"
by Rikki January 06, 2004
person: hi rikki
by Rikki December 25, 2003
A person who is an ass fanatic. Usually grabbing, smacking and engaging in sexual activity with the ass. It could also be known as a person who sticks objects up their ass (Ex: A pen, dildo, a fairly small animal, etc.)

There is also a mythical beast called an Anal Munchkin. It could, and would, sneak up and fuck you in the ass from behind in such a behaviour that the victim would lose consciousness. Then afterwards, it would shrink itself to a very tiny size and climb up inside the victims asshole and then return to normal size, making the person's ass bigger than usual. Then it would live off shit for the rest of it's life without ever leaving the asshole. Though, at rare occasions, it would leave the ass at night for some fresh air when the person is sleeping, then return shortly after that before the person wakes up.
"You better watch out, there are anal munchkins roaming around."
"Anal Munchkins turn me on."
by Rikki January 06, 2004
Most fakest addition to the Bay Boy record label. Also known for having the corniest raps and trying to be gangsta when in truth, most are wankstas or diva bitchez
Da Band is so gay that I'm hiring a hitman to kill them each indivually
by Rikki January 05, 2005
A cyute word for the original and simple word, "cute".
"AWWWW! That is so cyute!"
by Rikki January 06, 2004
French is for fags, so here it is. Fagtastique.
Omgz, fagtastique MAN!!!
by Rikki January 06, 2004
Fuckles can mean, "oh shit". Or it can be an action, an odd type of giggle.
Oh shit *fuckles*
by Rikki January 06, 2004

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