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makeaton, the ame of a old warrior from darker times, know for the inhuman power and blade mastery, killed legions of armys by himself, yet, died of age at 76, the man began training at young age, round 5, at the age of 9 he has alreay slain many foes, at the age of 16 he forged his blade, unbreakeble, it was made from all kinds of ores and gems, also know for driking his enemys blood after his defeat and the vampire like teeth he got a birth, mant beliefed this man to be from hell and to send souls to satan, he was called The Hell Spawn, many have tryed to be as powerfull as him, but they all failed, as it seems, makeaton spend his last 5 years as a king or a city that was destroyed after his death, many still try to find any clue on how he became so strong, and many aricoligists still seek to find his blade, wich was called "Legends"
woo, that guy is a real makeaton of video gaming
by riggster December 25, 2004

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