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to trick,mislead or confuse someone into something that they normally wouldn't do willing.
Oh, I am totally shanghaiing Mike into giving me a ride to McD's for lunch by reminding him how we never hang out anymore.
by ridetheyak July 12, 2009
an illness that is compared to the swine flu , but not nearly as serious.
"oh snap man I think I got Swine Flu!"

"Naw, you just got a swine cold."
by ridetheyak September 13, 2009
Real major syndrome or R.M.S is an affliction that affects many college students (mainly the ones without a liberal arts degree).
This crippling disease is caused by intense work loads of homework, tets and projects. This syndrome will result in the lack of a social life and friends in general. The only known cures are dropping out or changing majors.
ex 1
"Hey Tim wanna go out tonight?"
"Naw I can't I got to study for two test tommorow."
"sounds like you got Real Major Syndrome"
by ridetheyak October 01, 2009
To take a gallon of maple syrup and to pour it unto ones genitals while taking a dump into the Stanley Cup whilst stroking moose antlers.
Thank you for this opportunity to ruin Canada's History Steven Colbert.
by ridetheyak February 04, 2010
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