13 definitions by rico suave

even better than anticipated
most enticipated game of all time
by Rico Suave October 20, 2004
noun, shit;something that has shit tendencies.
I can't eat White Catsle or I'll get the sixth hand silvers.
by Rico Suave December 09, 2003
A fob trying to bang you for simply being from a different country.
Man those girls have socha in there eyes and I'm loving it.
by rico suave April 02, 2005
bounch of stupid white people
who thats a freaking brady bunch
by rico suave April 19, 2005
sex with more than 4 people
wow man we were having a great time then when the others came in it just became a brady bunch
by rico suave April 19, 2005
eminem's 3rd alter ego besides marshall mathers and slim shady, says female's lie, goes out with girls who he just met and fuk'd. doesn't give a fuk about women who make him hurl.
i can't be your superman
by rico suave July 13, 2003

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