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where chingy, ludacris (AKA Mr. Giggles), and snoop do tha ho's and 4 of your friends, sippin on some hen, and have ho-tel parties.
we be chillin at tha holidae in.
by rico November 16, 2003
A reoccuring message board phenomenon which has a knack of attempting to become cool. Often makes mistakes in doing this, by adapting names which involve "X-treme" or bullshittery to a similar effect.

Also appears to be very protective about it's identity when two different boards interact, and tries to make sure it's not recognized by either side.
"Oh, hi Denium."

"Man, you're such a fucking Denium."

"I just banned a Denium."

"Deniums! Deniums everywhere! They're driving me mad!"

"Aren't you that Denium from that other board?"

"You sure are acting like a Denium."
by Rico June 25, 2003
Delicious Pussy (of a woman)
there is some dp on the radio dude !
look at that dp!
by Rico March 31, 2005
What you get from a girl when you grab the back of her head and cry MOUF!
::grabs back of random girl's head::
by Rico April 27, 2004
Body Made Wrong
That chick has a BMW. Body Made Wrong
by Rico June 17, 2004

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