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1) a term that when used implies that someone has mistakenly and usually hatefully expected something, usually negitive, from a certain other or group of others.
2) Anytime you assume someone will help/hurt you based on all the knowledge availible, usually the knowledge doesn't tell the full story.
1) the prejudice girl clutched her purse when the black guy walked by.
2) I asked the cop where the nearest drugstore was but he didn't know.
by ricky72135 December 17, 2004
nothing, the absence of certain essentials to whatever what supposed to be going on.
I didn't do jack diddley last night, because I didn't have a car. Or because you didn't call me
by ricky72135 February 19, 2005
1) Literally one who is frightened by Homosexuals, or homosexual activity.
2) Politically, one who doesn't support the homosexual movement.
1) ralph doesn't talk to gays
2) ralph goes to church, or is a republican
by ricky72135 February 26, 2005

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