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having some sort of issues.
After talking with that ho last night, that girl got serious birds.
by Ricky Roma October 25, 2003
short for navy. Originated due to the military's use of using parts of many small words to create one large word (i.e. navsurf - naval surface).
I did 4 years with the nav once I got out of HS. It's wasn't too bad besides the bad haircuts that I got on the boat and the horrible nav chow.
by ricky roma October 22, 2003
a) having bad body odor
b) used sometimes as a substitute for the word fuck
Holy fuck did you smell him? He was funk-ified.

On the edited version of 'Friday', Red told Craig and Smokey "man, that's funked up" after Red got his chain stolen by Deebo
by Ricky Roma December 27, 2003
another word for "balls"
I was scrappin' last week, and just when I thought shit was finished, I got kicked in the deez.
by ricky roma September 24, 2003
correction: Reznor did not rip off Al Jourgensen's style. In fact, Reznor and Al Jourgensen paired up to cover a Black Sabbath track (Supernaut) in 1994.
The group ''1000 Homo DJs'' was formed by members of NIN and Ministry. The name was created because of a comment by one of the band members made in previous years.

"Only a 1000 Homo DJs would play this record."

A full explanation can be found at www.ministry.nu
by Ricky Roma February 17, 2004
short for Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash is a bad motherfucker.
by Ricky Roma October 25, 2003
belonging to one person. To have ownership of an item.
Denis Lemieux: Joe, who own the Chiefs?
Joe McGrath: OWNS, OWNS!
Denis Lemeiux: OWN-ZA! OWN-ZA!
Joe McGrath: I don't know.
Denis Lemeiux: Thanks
by Ricky Roma December 22, 2003
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