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to take a severe beating from someone.
I called this dude a dirty cocksucker, so he got up in my face and housed me with a few lefts.
by ricky roma September 27, 2003
short for Penguins GM Craig Patrick.

Abbreviation is frequently used on message boards such as pittsburghpenguins.com, letsgopens.com, and iglooreport.com
The Penguins traded Naslund for who?

Wake up CP!
by Ricky Roma December 24, 2003
term used by the very casual hockey "fan" @ 120dB, telling the home team to make contact with the other team.

Usually followed up by "hit em", "kick his ass", or "fuckemup"
I went to the Penguin game last night, and some 300 lb drunk asshole kept yelling things like check'em, puck-in-the-net, Jagr you euro pansy, and hit em with your purse you pussy.
by Ricky Roma November 27, 2003
short for the electronic music group "Crystal Method".

Known for songs such as "(Can't You) Trip like I do?", "Comin' Back", "Busy Child", and "Name of the Game"
I downloaded "Tweekend", the newest CD from The Crystal Meth, this weekend. It ain't too bad.
by ricky roma October 12, 2003
those fuckers who knock on your door, asking you to convert your religion.
Those hovas were bangin' on my door again today. I told them to raise up and leave me the fuck alone.
by Ricky Roma September 30, 2003

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