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'troll leech' someone who hangs around facebook troll groups so they can be offended. Then post their 'political correct posts' so they can feel like they are doing good in the world.
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The worst scrounge of the internet is attention whores. Worse than fatties are these sad fucks who feel the need to post their slutty pictures in any group they can find.

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Simone Flossy (London)
do you not have anything better in your life than to abuse pepole?!

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Why stay in this group if you disagree with everything that is posted?

You are a Troll Leech living off our hate to feel good about yourself.
by Ricky Foxwell February 09, 2009
One who uses faceBook group discussion boards to sniff out pussy. When tracking down a female poster will lay on the charm so hard it makes other users violently ill.

Usually are two faced, sad little men who can't get woman in real life. Also find that they are totally different to male posters and females who see through him

Anita Hartroll (London) wrote
at 10:19pm
Oh FFS he's such a sad fuck pussy sniffer.

Ricky Foxwell wrote
at 10:15pm
Oh look Ryan is pussy sniffing again

Ryan Trussle wrote
at 10:13pm
Hello ladies, hows my two favorite posters tonight.
by Ricky Foxwell February 11, 2009
Group on Face book where attention whores can post their pictures and receive votes.
Ktu = Keep them up or Fto = fuck them off.

30 ktu's get you into the hall of fame while 10 fto's gets your picture binned.

Comments are harsh and only the thickest skinned attention whore dares post their picture.

Arguments and online fights are many and there is always a do-gooder trying us to stop our evil ways.
Attention whore
You have NO right to FTO me bitch

Ktu or Fto

Fuck off turd burglar.
by Ricky Foxwell February 12, 2009
The noise a Librarian makes when orgasming.
Usually followed by a Shhhhh and a "quiet Please"

Although this is a very rare occurrence. As the mating ritual of the librarian is very infrequent and when they do mate a orgasm is highly unlikely. Even in the male of the species.
Steve felt like he was going to explode. How much longer would he need to hold on for it was a personal best for him already.

All of a sudden he felt Betty spasm and let out a "Bookadobba Doooooooooohhhhh" followed by a Shhhhhhh and finally a "quiet please"

Steve knew it was time to let go although he was rather put off by what he had just witnessed.
by Ricky Foxwell February 15, 2009
The blister type bubbles you get on your hands from fisting your own anal cavity to often.
"man I wish these fisters would clear up soon. Everyone's going to know I'm a serial arse fister.
by Ricky Foxwell February 16, 2009
'Doing a Markunt' The act of reading a Face Book group's Description and somehow coming to the conclusion that you are described in a offensive manner.

Thus causing you to do everything you can to get that group closed down.

Although finding out later that the description had nothing to do with you and you are suffering paranoia.

Fark was fuming after reading the group description.

"One ranga who seems to have ended up being rewarded with being born a ginger, ugly and completely unfunny."

Fark "I'll show them I'll get their group shut down"

Fark then proceeded to upload pornographic pictures and reported group finally getting it shut down

Ricky "Fark you dumb fuck that was written 6 months before you joined and any of us knew you"

Fark " oh sorry"

Ricky "oh ffs you have done a Markunt on the group"
by Ricky Foxwell February 12, 2009
The Facebook art of Moncing. When you do not trust someone on your friends list to be in a group with your other friends. So you end up banning then from the group and away from your other friends.

Only preformed by the creator or admin of a group. Usually involves inviting them with a group request. Then when they accept and you find they will cause trouble within the group you ban them.

Thus preforming the art of moncing.
"Why have you banned me Emelda?"

"I didn't trust you in the group with my friends"

"so you're moncing me then?"

"yes I am do you have a problem with that?"
by Ricky Foxwell February 11, 2009

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