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1. N.) An intricate combination of fag and goth personas.

2. N.) One who indulges in acts of faggothry. (i.e. black fingernails, lipstick, top-hats)

"Look at that faggoth."
by rickwhohatesyou August 07, 2006
One who exceeds beyond even his own perceieved limitations of homosexual prowess.
"I'm simply gobsmacked at how much of turbo fag you can be!"
by rickwhohatesyou August 07, 2006
A versatile, variable of a word that can be used in place of any other word unbeknownst to the speaker.
"That's very shneed of you."
by rickwhohatesyou August 07, 2006
An ambigously homosexual hair-metal band who, while adorned in black and yellow-striped leather, acted as a marketing ploy for christianity primarily throughout the 1980's.
"Hey Jesus likes metal. He listens to Stryper!"
by rickwhohatesyou August 07, 2006

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