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legendary high powered blotter acid. usually found with prints of scooby doo characters on hits, which make taking them even more hilarious. your lucky if you find any of these anymore..
yo, i heard jesus the bum took mad hits of scooby doo acid, and thats why hes like that.

i dont know, my dad told me he used to take that shit back in days, and hes fine
by rickrock May 26, 2008
one of the many legendary bums of hoboken, nj. he gets his name from his tall, lanky appearance, and having hair and a beard as long as to resemble jesus christ himself. he is usually found wandering around the palisades (a.k.a the trails) or seen loitering around the mcdonalds on 3rd and washington st. rumours have it that his first name is "bob" and he totally lost it from an overdose of scooby doo acid back in the seventies.
eeyyyoo, you know where jesus the bum at? we want to get some booze from mohammed's.

nah, but i know mark the bum is down by cvs doing his shit
by rickrock May 26, 2008
some cute word that stemmed off of soccer mom, probably because gov. sarah palin lives on a block of ice.
you know whats the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? lipstick
by rickrock October 03, 2008

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