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That unpleasant feeling in your hindquarters after you have ridden your bicycle for the first time in months.
One thing I dislike about early spring is the sore ass syndrome I get from riding my bicycle for the first time after a long, cold winter.
by rickbbiking March 31, 2013
A futuristic new gadget, gizmo, or product that is so advanced that it reminds one of something seen on the 1960s cartoon series, "The Jetson's"
Wow man, that new flying car is Jetson's cool!
by rickbbiking May 14, 2013
A series of bad dreams in a single night.
"I slept terribly, as I suffered from a night-marathon."
by rickbbiking April 21, 2013
A diet for reducing the size of one's thumb print for texting on a smart phone without making typos or accidentally sending unfinished messages due to the minuscule size of the keys or icons.
Dammit! I just sent a text before I was done writing it because my thumb is too large for the icons. I need to go on a thumb diet!
by rickbbiking September 21, 2012

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