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1 definition by richmondgirl

Trinity Episcopal School is the best highschool in Richmond, Va. We have the hottest girls, we throw the best parties. And we're not snobs!!!(like st. catherine's, st. chris, ect.) Or sluts!!!! (like the dirty gerties, ect.) We are the most creative school and our basketball and baseball teams kick ass.
tes girl: Patches place is awesome!!! I love listening to music outside during lunch with my friends!
tes boy: yeah Colin Healey and the Jetskis are awesome!
st. cats girl 1: Lyk OMG! Josh A. at TES is teh HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111 I wonder if he'll talk to me if i g2 his baseball game in meh new mercedes?
st. cats girl 2: Idk....Gawd hes hott!!!! I wish St. Chris guys were hott and not gay....
st. chris guy: OMG Trinity Episcopal School guys are teh HOTT!!!!!!!!!!1111111*makes out with ugly st. chris guy*
by richmondgirl August 05, 2007