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Too Long;To Read & Don't Give A Fuck
'Dude': Hey 'Bro' take a look at this article it's only 4 pages long

'Bro': tl;tr&dgaf
by richerpaumade July 18, 2009
Good-Bye Good Luck Get Fucked
#1. So,thats you final answer asshole! well then GBGLGF
#2. And have a nice Day GBGLGF (asshole) :)
by richerpaumade June 10, 2009
Someone who is out line and being a total douche and is in dire need of "Enlightment and Understanding"

You grab the person,(whoever) Tie a rope around their waist, hoist them over a tree limb, and smack the hell out of 'em with broom -handles like a 'Pinata'
dude#1: Whoa! Dan was way out of line today
dude#2: No doubt,he's definitely is in need of a Pinata Smack
by richerpaumade October 28, 2010
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