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a black womans vagina.
I couldnt eat her out because she had a purple taco.
by richard k August 12, 2003
a reference to anything.
shagoon shagooned the shagooning shagoons.
by richard k August 12, 2003
what a little boy says to his mother when he has a boner.
Jaylen said, "mama, peepee" and pointed to his crotch when he had an erection.
by richard k August 12, 2003
an ugly little boy
I saw a pink titty crossing the street.
by richard k August 12, 2003
MOO: In reality should be spelled M.O.O. which stands for MASTER OF the OBVIOUS

People who have an incessant urge to speak needlessly by pointing out things that any idiot knows already.
You are in an IMAX theater watching a Movie called "All about Beavers- the best Dam movie ever made"
The first shaot is a a beaver dam, and then they pull in closer and lo there is a beaver...And now some fool behind you says "LOOK IT'S A BEAVER!" and you say inder your breath "no shit Sherlock! another Moo!"
by Richard K December 30, 2005
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