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3 definitions by rich_coleman

A scam of the goverment of British Columbia designed to rip off drivers and place absurd regulations on new drivers.

Often refered to the Insurance Corporation of Ba**ards and Cheapstakes or ickybicky.
ICBC forces new drivers to go through a 9 month LEARNER's stage, then does not permit them to carry passengers. This is an example of
by rich_coleman February 11, 2005
An website that talks about people's lives sucking. Very humorous and funny. A safe, family friendly place to discuss stuff.
He posted on myworldsucks.com
by rich_coleman February 11, 2005
An moronic political leader in the Best Place on Earth, British Columbia.

Is a useless jerk who has done nothing for the people.

Is considered an insult to be called "gordo"
gordo is a jerk who does nothing for the people.
by rich_coleman February 11, 2005