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a woman, usually a slut, who spends all their time on their back staring at the ceiling during sex. Indicative of a sexually lazy woman or one disinterested in their current partner.
Man, every time Sarah and I have sex, all she does is lay there like a ceiling inspector.
by rich0912 February 04, 2006
The butchered dialect of the English language commonly uttered by black people or those of other cultures attempting to emulate a black person. Its constant evolution and disregard for any type of structure, spelling, or grammar lends to the belief that it serves as a mechanism for the uneducated and lazy to develop a false sense of superiority and separation from the rest of American culture.

I went to the ghetto to buy some weed, but couldn't understand the dealer at all; all he spoke was ebonese.
by rich0912 February 23, 2006

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