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Millburn High is trashed by it's surrounding towns because they wish they went here. The worst school that will be attended by a student of the graduating class will still go to a top 100 school. The kids score higher on the SATS than the president. The student parking lot is full of beemers, benz, lexus, rolls royce, porsche, hummer, cadilacs, rovers.. if it's a luxury car we've got it. We all claim to hate this town but.. were rich and we no it. We'd rather be known for being obnoxiouse than not being known. Our school is made up of residence from Short Hills and Millburn. Millburn is known as the ghetto of Short Hills, and as a a resident form Short HIlls i could say the income of both towns is equivalent.. but hey Short HIlls is SHort Hills and MILLBurn will never be that. The skaters bust there 'stoges' in between class, we're threatened about cuttting but never are we reported, our partys are always busted by our oh so dedicated cops. We live in one of the richest towns in the world, our school is in the top 5.. so let's quit complaining and shove it in the poor surrounding towns faces.
you go to millburn high? shitt how big's your house?
by rich bitch November 28, 2006

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