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Qualm is derived from the lynd cross and is commonly used as a term to say lets do it, lets sort it out, basically just lets get on it.the word can be used in many forms either when discussing buying something, organising a night out, something sexual, etc.
For example, lets go to the pub- lets QUALM the pub OR when inviting a lady friend back it is used in this sense- lets qualm it back to mine (please note this works 9 times out of 10)
by Rich November 19, 2004
people. In the 80's this meant parents.
My peeps went away...lets party at my house.
by rich July 24, 2003
A name widely used in America, usually by idiot parents to name their somewhat more stupid sons. They are usually spoiled rotten, as often they are the only son and heir to their father's shotgun collection.

With a brain cell count that is the same as the amount of letters used for their name, they usually struggle with the most basic of spellings such as "USB" and end every sentence they speak with the word "Y'all."
"Shut up Chip, you god damn idiot!"

Tech Support: "Now plug the cable into the USB port."
by Rich March 24, 2005
a small kid from england
omg! it's rtt!
by rich November 30, 2003
a female, or gay male, who performs oral sex very often
Leah is such a spoony, she already sucked off me, Lou, Mike and Drew. And now shes going after Sue
by Rich April 12, 2003
When two food blisters make love.
Try to picture them two makin bacon. Bleh! :p
by Rich October 31, 2003
A Gang, crew, or group of people.
My dipset is waitin for me at the park.
by Rich May 25, 2004

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