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Technically 3, Clive, Geoff and Steve. After a heavy night on the pop, Clive ransacks your room while hiding your wallet,keys,phone,etc while Geoff punches you in your sleep (subsequent black eyes and headache in morning!) At the same time, Steve shits in your mouth leaving that strange nasty taste in the morning which not even bleach can shift!
Guy1: Went out last night on the piss, fuckin beer monkeys got me again!
Guy2: Bastards, looks like they got you a treat!
by Rich April 18, 2004
The hardest thug to run the streets
THUG_MCNUGGIT keeping it gang-st@
by rICH March 23, 2004
People who own sail boats
damn Wind Fairy
by Rich January 31, 2004
Natural juices produced by the human body, especially those belonging to the genitalia hence "from under" juice

See also: FromUndercheese
Dang girl you got some find "Fromunderjuice".

My thighs are so slippery and hot my "Fromunderjuice" is flowing for you tonight baby.

Mmm tastes like "Fromunderjuice"
by Rich March 18, 2003
The shortened form of "queer-douche."
Rich, Greg would tool on you, ya quidouche.
by Rich March 29, 2005
cute, sophisticated, sexeh, modest
"i love you Holyboy"
"Holyboy r teh pwn"
"have my babies Holyboy"
by Rich February 11, 2005
v. To drop a duece on the hood of one's vehicle.
I fid Rich because he hit on Stacy.
by Rich February 08, 2005
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