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A milder variant of the term fromunderjuice implying that ones "fromunderjuice" has taken on a more melancholy tone pertaining to that of fresh Brie or in extreme cases certain varieties of Blue Cheese
A matter of persona hygiene: "Damn I forgot to wash my genitalia this morning, my **** skin smells of fromundercheese"

As an insult: "Eat my fromundercheese you unhuman fiend"

A swift joke amongst friends at a dinner party:

Jill:"Would you care for some fromundercheese with your biscuits and wine"

Party: "Oh... ha ha ha ha"
by Rich March 18, 2003
n. a person with more than one unit of currency.
"That's the most colourful freezie folly I've ever seen!"
by Rich December 08, 2004
n. a collective or quantitative noun for food.
"Buddy, that's a whole flick for all of food!"
by Rich December 08, 2004
Someone who dislikes Christmas and is always really grumpy about Christmas. Also scroogemiester or scrooge miester.
"bloody 'ell, we've got bloody Christmas comin' up next!"

"Oh don't be such a Scrooge-miester ya miserable sod!"
by Rich November 30, 2004
(adj.) one who possesses great beauty; sexy
1. "Dam, that ho be bangin!"
2. Sarah Bealafeld
by Rich February 19, 2004
one who roms jonkeys
"that is not the right drum key it is the romjonkey"
by rich November 29, 2003
A cock which is dangerous to play with - hence Jumanji - a dangerous game to play
"I've got a Jumanji cock, dare you play?"
by Rich March 19, 2003

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