143 definitions by rich

its another word for ciggarette
i really need a coge
by Rich May 05, 2005
n. an extremely ugly creature. normally 5'8'' tall with long crooked toes and a nasty lookin face. this creature must be avoided at all costs. otherwise the result may be fatal.
Dude, that meeyach is ugly.
by Rich February 03, 2005
means that you ram cock up ass
u ram your cock up someones ass
by rich January 13, 2005
shortened form of a john style run, on iss
Rich: pass me the fucking ball john!
John: no way! I'm on an amazing jonstilron
by rich December 05, 2004
thing-e-majuig or whatchayacallit
John: wheres my doobridang?
Rich: WTF?
by rich December 05, 2004
a snail that wasn't accepted to society.
"Namz is such a Crodent!"
by Rich February 29, 2004
Place of bordem that more than likey needs to get rained on with nukes usually a place that everyone complains about because there isnt shit to do in said town, city, village, etc.; A very shitty place
example from a typical conversation:
This place is fucking sewersville. I want to be president one day so i can bomb this fucking place.
by Rich February 27, 2004

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