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Irish derivation of the term: Oh no it's Monday morning again. I am very tired and don't want to be at work today.
<Deep Belfast accent>

Ah Patrick Top ov tha mornan to ya. Had a few toow main'y black an tan's did ya' las night?

No, ey only had a'y single jar ov porter paddy ya fukun prick. It's "mondey a' fukun mornan" that's doin it to me - to be sure!

</Deep Belfast accent>
by Rich March 24, 2003
A cock which is dangerous to play with - hence Jumanji - a dangerous game to play
"I've got a Jumanji cock, dare you play?"
by Rich March 19, 2003
n. an extremely ugly creature. normally 5'8'' tall with long crooked toes and a nasty lookin face. this creature must be avoided at all costs. otherwise the result may be fatal.
Dude, that meeyach is ugly.
by Rich February 03, 2005
shortened form of a john style run, on iss
Rich: pass me the fucking ball john!
John: no way! I'm on an amazing jonstilron
by rich December 05, 2004
thing-e-majuig or whatchayacallit
John: wheres my doobridang?
Rich: WTF?
by rich December 05, 2004
a snail that wasn't accepted to society.
"Namz is such a Crodent!"
by Rich February 29, 2004
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