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Korean text message slang for Hurry Up. This is because saying the numbers 8 2 8 2 in Hangul (the Korean Language, tard) sound almost identical to saying Hurry Up in the same language.
"I'm waiting for the #2 bus"

by rice sucks July 08, 2005
Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

A cartoon talkshow from the mid-to-late ninties, using characters from the old cartoon Space Ghost. It's mainly a cult classic, and most people don't understand its humor. It had various special guests such as Beck, and John Stewart.
"Space Ghost is a retarded cartoon, but SGC2C is fucking awesome."
by Rice Sucks April 29, 2005
In World of Warcraft, points that are given for killing players around your own level. Amassing Honor Points increases your rank in the games built in pvp system.
"Hey, lets go to Alterac Valley so I can farm Honor Points. I really want to get promoted to Blood Knight."
by rice sucks July 08, 2005
Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (Covering). A type of coating, or paint, that is somewhat resistant to chemical agents. Used in the paint for many military decives and vehicles. Much more expensive than standard paint.
"That jackass scratched up my HMMWV. Now we have to drive it down to the CARC plant to get repainted."
by rice sucks July 08, 2005
Mechanically Enchanced Cybernetic Humanoid. A guild of retards on various online roleplaying games that think they are robots. They started on the old school Neverwinter Nights as far as I can tell, and proceeded to infect many other games over time.
"Hey, what does MECH mean in that guys name?"

"I think it's Mechanically Enhanced Cocksucking Homosexual."
by Rice Sucks April 08, 2005

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