13 definitions by rice

to shit 3 times during the middle of shitting
i gotta stop eating that fucking chili to stop po3op'ing
by rice October 07, 2003
Large figure head in the counter-strike scene in QLD, in clan function-zer0 sponsored by The bunker , The Beat and Puala's Daycare PTY LTD.
"newbu" "nebz legz"
by rice March 19, 2003
slang, shaggin a girl who is dry.
on a beach my m8 was making out with girl and he wanted to take it futher. but she was so dry he couldnt get it up there.
she is a operation desert storm.
by rice November 10, 2004
a pocket with a mop
i cleaned my floor with my plob
by rice October 08, 2003
Awesome band made by what they call, not a band but really just a big circle of friends and family that join in.
"I like my coffee in the morning" and "Baby takes her clothes of just for me"
by rice September 07, 2004
A midwestern state where:
Everyone has a fixation on the words "Don't you know?"
EVERY winter your driveway freezes over.
There are about 5 good-looking in the entire state.
Everyone's mood revolves around ONE football team.
The Biggest city there is known for its beer (AND has a crappy baseball team named after that fact).
Is known for its badgers.
Having dead things on the road and nobody really cares (or cleans it up).
The Biggest resort area is in the middle of nowhere, and you can't go there half the time cause its too DARN COLD!!!
The one saving factor of this state?

I should know. I LIVED there.
A place that you should never live. Unless you're offered a million dollars.
by Rice March 15, 2005

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