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A version of the English Language, most commonly used by Aferican Americans, and Caucasian Africans.
Ebonics: yo za ga bens na b up wif da shaakzz in da hood, i whoo yo aa niii.

Translation: Hello, how is it going my counterpart, best not be loitering with fellow counterparts in the living space, or I shall engage in violent activities with you, African American.
by Rice Hater June 28, 2005
1. Something that has under 90 ft/lbs of torque.

2. Automobiles made in Japan, highly over-rated, have no styling, get good gas milage for one reason: Small engines. Honda's have been called reliable, but are really pieces of shit, they fall apart. Keep insisting that DOHC actually boosts efficiency, but actually it doesn't do shit.

3. Number one choice for ricers world-wide. Usually because they are cheap, and are seen in Fast and the Furious. Poser's and main-stream Whiggers buy this type of car.
1. Yeah my Techumseh lawn mower is hondaed.

2. Dude, I just had the weirdest dream: Honda changed the styling on the Civic!

3. Check out this poser in his Civic, that thing probably runs like 115 ft/lbs.
by Rice Hater August 08, 2005
1. Anything a muscle car can do and a ricer can not. (i.e. climbing a hill steeper than a 15 degree incline.)

2. Slamming the gas pedal to the floor when not in motion, causing the tires to spin without traction, making smoke. This is something that mainly only Muscle Cars can do, caused by the mass amount of torque put out by the big cubes of muscle car engines.

3. Someone who wears Def Leppard wife beaters and smokes cigs while driving in his Camaro, listening to AC/DC.
1. Man, I put up 450 ft/lbs on my trans am, thats a burnout.

2. A ricer beat me at the drag strip because he had a ten second head start because my burnout took so long, for once, torque has let me down.

3. Dude, I saw this burner drivin' this boss Camaro, man that thing was hooked up.
by Rice Hater August 08, 2005
Having raw, nasty, sex in the car, doing it in the back seat standing up where other motorist, preferably childs, can see what you are doing, and it is not clutch if a BJ is not included.
Dude I Clutched Cassie last night, right in front of these little kids, it was so funny, and so good.
by Rice Hater June 27, 2005
A sad, sad excuse for "the future of gaming." In my opinion, the few weeks you spend saving up for the game, isn't worth the 2 hours you'll play it before it gets boring. The new Superstar Mode reaches a new level in stupidity, getting close to even the idea of invading Iraq for WMD. Superstar mode basically allows you to go to practice, take the occasional interview, and play games... nothing more.
Madden sucks, always will.
by Rice Hater August 26, 2005
1. Boondocker. v. A term derived by snowmobilers in which is used to describe a type of horrid poop. A boondocker (aka sidehiller) is when you are sitting on the throne slightly sideways and your poop, commonly of the runny type, slides down the side of your ass cheek. The term was made by snowmobilers, whom needed a term to describe this occurance, which is very common after eating greasy slider burgers at locals taverns. Snowmobilers used this term because to "boondock" means to tip your sled slightly on the side while riding, this is commonly done while mountain riding, and it is almost as if the poo is riding your ass cheek.

2. Boondocker. n. A company that makes nitrous sytems (no not "nawz") for snowmobiles, as well as other fuel induction modifications.
1. I ate the Ham & Cheese slider at Northern Exposer and within minutes I was on the throne with a wicked case of the boondockers.

2. Jeff is riding that awesome Yamaha Attak GT with a Bender Stage II turbo kit, Boondocker Nitrous system and a Boondocker EFI control box. He could dominate anything in site.
by rice hater March 24, 2006
Old Mopar engines used in Dodge/Chrysler cars such as Chargers, Super Bee's, Road Runners, Challengers, and other muscle cars. The name was derived for Hemispherical cylinder heads using a SOHC design. The new "Hemi's" are not actually Hemi's, but just a copyrighted name used to sell cars. New Hemi engines are simply a waste of fuel, space, and money. Dodge achives it's power these day by low-tech cheap in-efficient engines. With Chevy you get about the same performance with about double the MPG. Dodge talks about their new Viper-powered V-10 Ram, which is the fastest stock pickup in the world. Well last time I checked, people don't by pickups to go fast, they buy them for hauling shit.

Dodge Sucks.
I am quite positive if Chevy or Ford wanted to make the fastest stock truck in the world, they could, without using a super-car engine.
by Rice Hater August 08, 2005

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