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Square bodied lesbian with no curves to speak of. The same as a butch or bull dyke lesbian. The opposite of a lipstick lesbian.
Don't go to that bar, it's stacked to the ceiling with lego lesbians.
by Rice May 03, 2004
sore as fuck
After doing those weighted dips, my arms are quaiched.

She sucked me so long, my dick is quaiched.
by rice September 09, 2003
a lump of doors
i tripped over the damn liktor on my way to school
by rice October 08, 2003
The school that I went to when I saw my first true love, who didn't give a fuck about me. Jason was his name...
I went to Lava Ridge Elementary School when I fell in love...
by Rice November 16, 2003
fucked up or messed up
You know that girl . . . good body, face kinda g’d?

If you haven’t slept in three days and fall into a dumpster and someone sees that they would say, “You are lookin’ g’d.”
by rice September 09, 2003
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