18 definitions by ric

Another way to say: drive. Takes on the formula: first syllable of word plus -izzle. For sure --> For shizzle. Nigga ->Nizzle
What kind of car do you drizzle?
by Ric April 24, 2005
semen; ejaculant; jism
Former President William J. Clinton left gak on Monica Lewinsky's dress.
by Ric August 06, 2004
One of the greatest posters in forum history.

MJ stands for Mental Jacker.
MJ Is so cool.

Mental Jacker kicks ass.
by Ric March 06, 2004
Section of East Palo Alto also commonly known as Tha G includes many streets such as Cypress,Pulgas and Garden.
Yo I heard homeboy is from G-Town dont fuck wit him.
by Ric December 03, 2004
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