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You realy can't define snakehead-fish they are horrible creatures all i can say is when u incounter 1 u a) run for ur life B) throw food at it so it will stop or C) just stand there cause there is no hope
Because it's a snakehead-fish
by Ric May 24, 2004
An ugly female who is built like a man
"wo check out that chatpank mantank over there!"
"Shes a proper mantank"
by Ric December 02, 2003
A very unique name, the finest name in the world. Jericho or Jerico are not unique.
The name gerico is the finest.
by Ric January 04, 2005
The man one step behind McDonalds.

The man you put the Famous in the Star.
Lets going to CKG. Oh you mean Carls Jr. Nah, I want Chicken McMuggets.
by Ric February 08, 2004
One of the coolest guys ever to grace the internet.

Absloute legend.

Stands for Take It 2 The Limit
TI2TL is cool, but no-one wishes they were him. :D
by Ric March 06, 2004
Screwing yourself out of fun things in life because you have become addicted to creating words or pun variations of words online. This usually leads to staying in doors a lot and not getting much fresh air
We realized the severity of his (or her) dict shun airy after finding out they paid the postman to bring he mail into the house, so he would not have to leave the computer and miss out on a possible punny entry.
by Ric April 22, 2003
If u don't noe the wut else to say then juss say it
Person A:Aye man Barney is tiote!

Person B:Ahmmm....Shaun-Wright!!!!!!!
by Ric April 18, 2005

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