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Obsessed with standards;
boring, predictable, saying obvious things.

Moreover, you can add (b)ula to someone's name, in order to call them Abula.
Jappe: teh
terb0: it's spelled "the"
Jappe: dame, you so Abula!
Jokke: you're terbula!
by ribot csybe June 07, 2006
This word is a combination of two swedish word parts. The obvious one being fitta, which means pussy, and the second one is an ending to some common words (hängsle, vassle, etc).

There is no exact definition for what the word means. It is more like an abstract concept that resembles something. It resembles the femaleness of a woman, the smell of pussy, the consistency of the liquids coming from the pussy, and other female anatomics related to the pussy.
Lana from Smallville has a rather sour, mild fittsle.
by ribot csybe April 29, 2006
noun, nickname. Abula being a common operator in an internet community, his characteristics were: making up arbitrary rules, being somewhat power abusing, always very serious, and never accepting horse playing in the community.

After years of this behaviour ppl started to call one another to be Abula. In other words this means you do something typical for Abula.

Furthermore being Abula developed in l33tspeak mode, in such a way as the following examples show, that might completely disregard grammar, but all meanings derive from the characteristics of Abula.
1. It is Abula to ignore my message!
2. You are Abula that you bane (ban) me.
by ribot csybe April 29, 2006
Smiley meaning whacky/weird/stoned/tripped out or something else that gives you crazy eyes. The % are the eyes with the beginning of the nose, and the 7 is the rest of the nose. The D is of course the mouth.
uabaoba hubadubaluba %7D
by ribot csybe June 07, 2006
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