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3 definitions by rhysyboy93

Not neccecarily somebody who is Jewish but that one friend we all have who is reluctant to spend money under any circumstances. Be it birthdays or just everyday life they will go through extreme lengths to save a couple of bucks.
Rachel "Why doesnt karli wanna go out to dinner?"

Rhys "Duh she's a covetous jew!"
by rhysyboy93 April 11, 2010
A social inability to express anger, that is believed to have originated within the central coast of NSW, Australia. The sufferer is unable to express their anger properly and therefore instead of just yelling or raising their voice like the rest of us, they screw their face up, open their mouth and angrily whisper what it is that's pissing them off.
Karli is an avid sufferer of quiet-scream-syndrome due to her inability to express her anger.
by rhysyboy93 April 13, 2010
A house party known to nearly everyone living amongst the central coast of NSW, Australia. Known for its: consumption of large amounts of alcohol, spontaneous sexual-hookups amongst friends, nudie-runs that last till the sun comes up, and ranga related drama often involving the police.
"There's no party like a Perry house-party"
by rhysyboy93 April 13, 2010