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When your future self goes back in time and kills you against your will. This is different from suicide because it's against his of her own will. It's also different from homicide because it consists of one person. Very complicated.
Police officer- "So, you tried to commit selficide huh?"
Doug- "I'm telling you my future self is a crack head!"
Future Doug- "Where I come from, crack is used on a daily bases!"
by rhutch February 28, 2008
Someone who eats a whole lot of food all the time, but never gains any wait. A nibbo does not have an eating disorder.
Rena- "Hey man. I just gobbled down another 3 bags of potato chips."
Tom- "Dang girl! You do that every week and gain no weight! Are you a nibbo!?"
by rhutch February 28, 2008
A fat person who eats whatever they want 'cause they think they're skinny. Usually they are happy people and try to hang with the "cool" kids at school.
Bob- "Hey, look at Stacey over there."
Jim- "Yah. I hear she's overexic."
by rhutch February 27, 2008
A male DJ. A female would be a deja.
"I wanna be a dejo when I grow up."
by rhutch February 27, 2008
Another name for a cool or "tricked out" ride.
Yo, cool modey dawg.
by rhutch February 26, 2008
and word that can be used in place of any negative adjective or noun or adverb
"man, that popsicle tasted like booty!!"

"Booty! I missed the shot!"

by rhutch August 23, 2008
A person who enjoys coming from the "ghetto". The word is a combination of joy, and ghetto. Jedow is spelled in an interesting way.
"Yo man, lets get from this place."
"No. I'm proud of my home."
"You jedow!"

by rhutch February 27, 2008

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