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Adj. Originally a term that means fields that are not being use for crops. Current usage means unproductive.
She's going through a fallow period.
by Rhiana October 08, 2007
phrasal noun. Derived from the concept of tying a string around your finger to keep you from forgetting something.
I forgot my keys again. Man, have I got tingletoe!
by Rhiana October 11, 2007
verb. pronounced like rainbow. Describes the process of trying to let a girl down gently by telling her that you think you might be either gay or considering the priesthood.
That girl was kind of scaring me, so I was forced to raybow her.
by Rhiana October 11, 2007
verbal adj. describing an attempt you made at something which completely failed and you look like a complete loser.
I was an asspiring writer once.
by Rhiana October 11, 2007
verb. Pronounced "shooobster." To shubhster is to serve someone really, really, spicy food that they were not expecting.
That snob came into my restaurant the other day and told me that our curry isn't hot enough. So the next time that jerk came in, I shubhstered his food.
by Rhiana October 11, 2007
verb. To throw something at someone, ideally a stuffed moose toy. To be used only when the person does something really annoying.
Ugh I just wanted to moose him that time when he said...
by Rhiana October 08, 2007
To mock fainting. To do an imitation of a faint like in a game of charades
Oh my god, last night when we were playing charades he wuthered and it was hilarious!!
by Rhiana October 07, 2007
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