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1. To "Oakshott": A long, rambling dissertation, outlining points, sub-points and related side-issue points.

2. "Oakshotting": Avoiding getting to the point in order to capture a few more seconds in the limelight.
'I've got 1200 words left to write for this essay...looks like I'll have to Oakshott the rest'

Stop Oakshotting around and get to the point
by rgdawg September 06, 2010
n. next Prime Minister of Australia

v. 1) to pull off a huge upset

2) to display hallmarks of rugged masculinity, despite rather grotesque appearance, often resulting in winning the appeal of others.

3) to be unsuitable attired for an occasion.
1) "dude, i totally tony abbott'd that exam"
2) "dude, whats up with that chick and that guy? How'd he tony abbott that broad?"
3) "the guy was wearing budgie smugglers to a wedding. what an abbott"
by rgdawg August 19, 2010

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