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The thing that Dr. Weird from Aqua Teen Hunger Force wears on his head (his hair helmet)
Dr. Weird: Gentlemen, who stole my hairarium?
Steve: Your what?
Dr. Weird: My hair helmet?
Steve: That's right there, on your head.
Dr. Weird: Oh. BULLSH*T
by RG May 12, 2004
the genital area or pubic region on a male homosapian.
"Come on ladies, let's go get some mantang!!!"
by RG March 13, 2003
A sheep shagging northener that is fat and has hair like a girl!.
Petey C Aka omg is that a tranny ? reply "no its Petey C"

"omg that guys having a Petey C with that sheep " Petey C = Sheepshagger
by RG June 29, 2004
one very sexy woman!
ooo i love you laidler
by RG July 04, 2003
cool, sound, phat.
man that was grappa
by rg February 03, 2004
A dutch homo that delivers the paper.
Devion cacksucker guylover
by rg January 25, 2005
a word used to described someone who smells like soy sauce
that chinksta cant drive
by RG November 25, 2003
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